Go Back to School in 2017
Go Back to School in 2017

Go Back to School in 2017

Your Success Starts at Bryant & Stratton College.

  • Flexible and convenient schedule allows you to attend classes on your terms
  • Immersive EmployableYOU experience provides real-world work scenarios in the classroom
  • Financial aid and scholarships are available for students who qualify

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Bryant & Stratton College

Bryant & Stratton College has been providing a career-ready education since 1854. With 19 campuses in four states, Bryant & Stratton College offers educational programs at the certificate, diploma, associate’s, and bachelor’s degree levels in over 20 different areas of study.

Career LifePrep

Career LifePrep at Bryant & Stratton College is a unique set of experiences that helps prepare students at every step in their academic journey, both while in college and after graduation so that they may achieve not only a more fulfilling career, but a more fulfilling life. From starting with a one-on-one consultation to determine their best career direction and academic path, to becoming marketable and successful professionals in their chosen fields, our graduates can count on us to see them through their career and life pursuits.

Syracuse Area Campuses

Syracuse Area Campuses

Welcome to the Bryant & Stratton College campuses in Syracuse, NY. We’re here to support you in your quest to earn a college degree—from the moment you register right through to graduation and beyond. We offer a supportive, ongoing commitment to help you achieve your goals and maximize your marketability throughout life.


Syracuse Campus Syracuse Campus
953 James Street
Syracuse, NY 13203-2502
Syracuse North Campus Liverpool Campus
8687 Carling Road
Liverpool, NY 13090